Mahalo for Considering Becoming A CERTIFIED GUIDE



ONE: Certified guides receive up to 40% affiliate commission rather than 25%. This is in addition to profit sharing. We want you earning for sharing the MKE.

TWO: You get full creative control and development of Mini-Courses we’ll market for you, to our members, and you earn income. If you're creative or enjoy teaching this is an excellent half-step for you to learn while you learn about online marketing. We'll work hands-on with you, helping you in setting up your webcasts, workbooks, a back office and how to put your presentations together.

This is a $2000.oo course that we’re taking a step further. You'll get Davene, Mark, Day, Nancy "KC" O and Lori... giving a course to BOTH interns and guides free!  Once you’ve been through it and produced a mini-course, you can work with Lori, Mark and Davene if you’d like a more prominent role in the expansion to 3000.

THREE: And… a biggie… we’ll be sharing 10% of the profit with the certified guides... this will include both affiliate sales, pay-it-forward contributions and additional bonus pools set up for guides.

FOUR: You get DEEP discounts on registrations for all MasterKeyExperience Live events. You'll also get perks and VIP status.  See you in Kansas City and ??? 

FIVE: You'll receive several additional income streams from several pools we'll cover on the webcast.

SIX: You’ll be featured on the newly revamped blog. As the MasterKeyExperience gains notoriety, so will you. Successful by association and held in highest esteem.

SEVEN: We've defined, refined, perfected and marketed a new course.  Success Throught a Positive Mental Attitude. That's the book that turned Og's life around.  This $1995.00 course is shared with the guides, free.  

Once the DMP period passes and your load is lighter, you are welcome to experience this with our staff.  

EIGHT: Complete Colorcode® Training.  $279.00 value.  Additionally, serveral short sessions on colors so all your relationships experience better communication. 

NINE: You also have a Master Guide working with you 1:1.  Hands-on-support and a "mini-mastermind" helper as you guide others to consult with. 


We're holding an informative webcast to explain all the details for those are considering becoming a Certified Guide.

The small initial payment holds your spot and gets you on the live Q & A webcast and does not obligate you in any way.

Save your place, hop on the webinar if you like what you hear and it seems like a fit?  Great. 

If it does not seem like a fit?  No worries.  We instantly return your "Hold my spot" payment back to you.

How will you be trained?
The 6-month training is conducted over the summer in bite-size sessions, then intensifying in September.

These trainings  help you with all aspects of your life including relationships and business. Trainings consist of 1-4 live, short webcasts per month.

Then, with 3 weeks before the 2023 session, we pull it all together, get you razor sharp and rally [so fun] as a team to spread the word about the 2023 MKE Session. The reason is simple: You are trained and then become able to skillfully help new members navigate the Master Key Experience commencing September 24th, 2023.

We spread the trainings out, make them interactive, and you also get “master guide” mentorship for the entire year. You quickly begin applying what you learn in your life right away and love the relaxed pace, mentorship and support system to build confidence without burden or a heavy workload.

Couples? Do both want to be guides? No worries, you can both be guides for one fee. However, you receive 1 share of all the trainer's pools, as a couple.

Newly Updated in 2023. Guides also receive special coaching on list building. Learning and increasing the size of your list helps growing income, both in your business as well as with MKE enrollments.

This is led by Davene and our staff who've spent 6 months immersed in courses to help guides build big, responsive lists.

We know it is in the video, BUT, please, once you gain access to the private Guides area, hop on the email list so we can get you the links you'll need.

You'll also find the link to the webcast in the new Guides area and the application.  Fill that out right away as guide-interns are accepted on a first come first serve basis. 

Let's do this!  Help others, make money and master working with others. 

Questions? Email the [email protected].  We're overwhelmed by the response.  Aloha and Mahalo for your interest.

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