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MKE Continuation and Lifetime Membership

1. Lifetime Membership. As a Lifetime Member, you receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the members' area: no dues, fees or usage charges. Total access, for a lifetime. [Only 1 rule, of course….it’s a “no pitch zone.”]. As we continue to add several tools, resources, focus groups and software upgrades, you get them all, free, always. In the coming year, we’ll be having key “side sessions” with powerful, speakers to enrich your experience that you don’t want to miss and, as a Lifetime Member, you be invited to attend. We see the value of hand-selected “Ted Talks” type of resources and they are coming soon.

2. Retake and Refresh. You get a lifetime of "retake" and "refresher" options, free. Refresher option? Some members like to hop on a webcast or two now and then, to "recharge," and Lifetime Members can do that anytime they want. You can also "retake" the entire course*, next year or any year. Both these cool options are always open to you as a Lifetime Member. No limits on either. Retake without a guide, no PIF responsibility. With a guide? We trust you’ll decide to contribute.

3. Affiliate Program. Lifetime Members become affiliates at no charge… Only Lifetime Members have the right to earn income on all upcoming launches of The Master Key Experience. Get paid 25% for recommending the Master Key Experience, every year; for a lifetime. Earn monthly bonus checks.

4. 15% Discount on Live Events. You get 15% off on Live Retreats registration offered on Kauai, Europe and on the mainland. Spouse or guest attending? If your spouse is attending a live event, they also get 15% off.

5. Webcasts on 4 Lost Chapters. Only Lifetime members get access to 4 monthly webcasts, beginning in May. [You'll receive Haanel's 4 Lost Chapters of the Master Key System, one per month.] You'll also get a workbook for each month and outlines for the webcasts. These webcasts will have a completely different feel to them, moving away from intense lecture mode and morphing into an authentic mastermind. We'll be meeting as peers and helping one another with applications of the Master Key. As an aside, once you read and study these 4 Lost Chapters, you’ll be as thrilled and baffled as anyone who’s ever discovered them. Baffled? You’ll wonder how in the world are these not included in every edition of The Master Key System and, thrilled you have them.

6. 3 Part Mini-series. You also receive 3-part mini-series on other books – and we’ve got a great one for you this summer that supports what you've been studying and applying. Future mini-courses on publications like "Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude" to help you continue to grow in new directions.

7. Certified Guide Eligibility. As a Lifetime Member, you get the option of applying to become a Certified Guide. The Certified Guide eligibility is available ONLY to Lifetime Members; scholars who are continuing with us

8. 30% Tapas For Life Discount. On the initial offering of a dozen “bite-size” Tapas For Life courses, you receive a 30% discount on these very inexpensive “bite-size” courses.

9. Kybalion Deep Dive. You get the text, worksheets and 9 webcasts on the Kybalion over the next 5 months. These shorter, interactive webcasts will not only help you “raise your consciousness”, they’ll be instrumental in helping you become self-directed, enlightened and confident… It was this short document that created a lot of the “magic” you’ve been experiencing in the MasterKeyExperience.

10. Finish Og Together. Every year, come July 31st, we experience something wonderful. We all finish The Greatest Salesman in The World together. There is always something so special having completed the 4 Lost Chapters and Og when you get on the August Webcast.

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If you are interested in becoming a Certified Guide head over to once you have become a lifetime member.

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