Go90Grow Live Event

Kauai 2019

Exclusive Retreat in Kauai, Hawaii

June 16th - June 21, 2019

Kauai Beach Resort, Lihue, Hawaii



There is a non-refundable registration fee ($574.00), for Go90Grow Members only, to lock in your spot for the training sessions (and so we can plan properly).   You can also bring a guest for $574.00.   If your guest is NOT attending the sessions?   No registration fee required.

Once you’ve submitted your completed form below you'll be sent a confirmation email - please confirm ASAP and then we can communicate with you, solely about the Live Event in June of 2019.

If you are not a Go90Grow Member please email or call Dayna at the phone number below.

YES! Go90Grow Team, I Want to Register for the Go90Grow Live Event from June 16th, 2019 – June 21st, 2019!


Join Us for This Amazing Week

Sunday - Registration, Breakfast Reception, Special Kauai Exploration and Evening Masterminding
Monday - Morning Session, Kauai Exploration, Evening Masterminding
Tuesday - Morning Session, Lunch on us and Afternoon Session
Wednesday - Morning Session, Kauai Exploration, Evening Masterminding
Thursday - Morning Session, Kauai Exploration
Friday - Break-up beach day, hanging out and Mark will shoot a promo video for you

Special Bonus - The smart move is to bring teammates. Non-Go90Grow© members are normally billed at $4995.00 As a special bonus for 2019, your teammates register who are NOT Go90Grow© members will be given a full membership instantly in Go90Grow©. And, we'll award you an additional scholarship when you register too!

Individual Coaching Bonus  After registering you get access to a calendar and if you are staying at the Kauai Beach Resort Host Hotel you can schedule your private session. How cool is this? One-on-One coaching and perfecting your presentation and plan of action for the next 90 days. We’ve secured this one-on-one time spread out over 7 days, making it easy to meet on the day of the reception, in the afternoons of the event, or the day after the event. If you prefer, and many people do, you can schedule your one-on-one coaching for after you get home. Yes, 1:1 coaching with Mark. [either on Kauai or when you return home via video], is awarded to those who book at the Kauai Beach Resort and use the code KLE.

Learning and exploring Compressed learning is powerful; you'll learn and retain more in 4 hours than in 3 days of lectures. This means lots of time to explore Kauai with us, a group or on your own.

Hotel Discounted  rates have been extended to us for the Kauai Beach Resort.  Once you are registered and join the subscriber list on the next page you'll receive all the contact information you need to guarantee you the sale rates!  We will continue to communicate and update you on a regular basis AND you can also use the Live Event Group inside your Go90Grow Members area to find out everything you need to know to have a wonderful discovery live event experience.

Adventures There are so many adventures in store for you at the Go90Grow Live Event 2019.  Once you register and book your hotel you'll have access to everything you need to make this an experience of a lifetime (Nice for tax options – remember, it’s all tax deductible). ​

The Next Step Once Once you register, you'll be added to a private email list and members area for the event. We'll be getting you lots of tools, information and assignments so you'll not only get the most out of the sessions but you'll feel comfortable and excited coming to Kauai for the adventure of a lifetime.

Register Your Guest  If you wish to register a guest, who WILL be attending the training sessions, you'll be able to do that once your click the register button.  Once you click to register a box will appear to add your guest.  If you are bringing people with you they DO NOT need to register unless they are attending the training sessions with you.  Hey,  bring your mate, have fun, learn to make money and a little romance helps everything get better!

Got Questions? Click Here to email, call or text Dayna Merry at 978-766-9047 – remember she’s on Hawaii Time.  If you're coming alone, Dayna will work with you to find a roommate.


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