Go90Grow Live Event 2019

Exclusive Retreat in Kauai, Hawaii

June 16th - June 21, 2019

Kauai Beach Resort, Lihue, Hawaii



4 Days 8 Sessions You get 5 interactive classroom sessions in 4 days. You also receive 3 mastermind sessions in the evenings.

The Simple Six For the first time publicly we are teaching The Simple Six. These are the six simple behaviors Mark and Davene used exclusively for their teams. You'll learn it, leave with it and be able to teach it quickly to your teams.  The Simple Six has earned millions and will change everything for anyone building a business.

Presentation Skills Everybody knows transactions take place after a presentation. We’ll show you a formula to construct presentations that converts and duplicates. For the first time Mark will share the magic of how he constructs perfect presentations. Then we’ll help you construct your presentation. You will leave with a powerful presentation specific to your business that converts and makes money instantly.

Personality Profile Training Everybody has strengths, weak spots and blind spots. You’ll get a 20 page personal profile ($279 value) to help us accentuate your strengths and a plan to improve yourself. You will instantly become a better communicator.

Masterminding a Perfect Plan This is a highly interactive workshop and mastermind. You’ll work in groups and individually to develop and fine tune a plan of action for the next 90 days (on the next page you’ll see a bonus that is going to blow your mind. Hint: You know how when you’re at events you’d love to get one on one time with the trainers?).

30 Day Follow Up We’ll also set up a 30 day accountability plan and follow up with you. Everybody knows it’s what happens after you leave that will make the difference. Our decision to make this highly limited is based on the 30 day follow up accountability we are committing to in support of your success.

Compressed Learning and Fun We’ve developed a teaching method over the years called compressed learning. This means you’ll learn more, faster and retain more in less time – there will be plenty of time to have fun. Compressed Learning is hands on learning. We show you what to do then you'll do it with others during the sessions. You'll have 3 main team building skills mastered before you leave.

Mega Bonus For every session, including your follow up plan, you also get a workbook. You'll receive all of our notes, powerpoints in outline form and worksheets.  This makes both reviewing and teaching your teams easy and instant.

Kauai is, in the opinion of many, the most beautiful place on the planet. We want you to improve and at the same time enjoy the experience. So there’s an amazing discount for folks who register early. Check it out on the next page.


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